Frequently Asked Questions

NASW Membership

What is the Social Work Registry?

The Social Work Registry provides a repository for social workers’ credential information while serving as a verification source for social work licensing boards. This is a service provided by another organization, the Association of Social Work Boards. Please visit the following website for more information

How do I become a member of NASW? Am I a member of the National organization or the local chapter?

Please go to to join now. Once your join, you are a member of NASW and the Washington chapter as long as you have an address in Washington State. If you move, contact member services directly at 1-800-742-4089 to indicate which state chapter you wish to affiliate with.

What is my membership ID number?

Find your membership ID number by logging into Once you are logged in to the national website, click "mynasw" and "visit the member center." In the member center, your membership ID number appears under "Personal Profile."

What are the benefits of NASW membership?

NASW membership has many benefits including providing support to advance your career, protect your practice, networking opportunities, and advocacy for the social work profession. Find out more about the benefits of association membership, visit:

Are there discounted memberships?

NASW offers discounted membership to students, retired members, and others. To find out more about membership types and pricing, visit: If you are experiencing hardship or have additional membership questions, contact NASW Member Services: Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. ET Member Services: 800-742-4089

How do I get involved with the Washington Chapter?

NASW-WA welcomes volunteers! NASW-WA seeks members to participate in standing and ad-hoc committees to help implement our strategic plan. For a complete list of our Committees and Board positions, visit: We encourage you to volunteer for Committee or Board service. Apply here today: Attend our events! NASW-WA plans events, including networking and continuing education opportunities. Visit our list of events here: Are you interested in presenting a workshop for NASW-WA? We have an open call for presenters and seek continuing education (live, virtual, or recorded). Click here for more information about what we're looking for:

Licensing Questions

Is there a non-clincial license equivalent in Washington?

Washington State does have associate-level credentials for those working towards their independent licensure, however, note that there is not true "reciprocity" between the associate levels from state to state. Depending on the setting you hope to work in, you would want to check directly with the Washington State Department of Health which path is best for you. To find out more, please check the Washington State Department of Health website for particulars: The Licensed Social Work Associate & Advanced (LSWAA) and Licensed Social Work Associate & Independent Clinical (LSWAIC) are intended for those working towards higher levels of licensure. Note that the LASW allows you to practice psyschotherapy under the supervision of an LICSW (independent license); read the work experience requirements carefully for the LASW. The LASW license is WA state requires work experience and a passing score on the ASWB exam. The Licensed Independent Social Worker (LICSW) requires work experience and a passing score on the clinical exam.

General licensing questions

The Washington State Department of Health is the licensing authority in the State of Washington. For details, consult the Washington State Department of Health website for more information: The Department of Health also maintains a Frequently Asked Questions list. Access the list here:

Can I treat a client via telehealth who is out of state or the country?

Typically, therapists would need to be licensed in the jurisdiction where the client resides. The most recent guidance that we have received, however, includes using the client’s current location, or where the phone is located to determine where you as the provider would need to be licensed. Providers typically cannot practice across state lines. NASW Assurance Services includes FAQ's related to telehealth here: Each state has differing guidance regarding seeing clients. Providers should contact the jurisdiction where the client is located in to find what laws/rules would allow/not allow the professional to practice remotely. During the pandemic, states may have exceptions, however. UT Austin maintains an updated and comprehensive list of telehealth statutes here: NASW does have additioinal guidance in this area (under telemental health resources): NASW Assurance Services includes FAQ's related to telehealth here:

How do I become an approved supervisor in Washington State?

The requirements are listed in WAC 246-809-334 here: Prior to the commencement of any supervision the supervisor must provide the licensure candidate (supervisee) with a declaration stating that they have met the requirements of WAC 246-809-334 and that they qualify as an approved supervisor. The form (which lists out the requirements and links to the WAC) is linked below: Note that WA state does not keep a listing/roster of approved supervisors. The declaration form referenced above is the form that outline the supervisor has declared/attests that they have met the requirements. If they have additional questions, please call the DOH at 360-236-4700 (option 2, and option 2 again).

I'm moving to Washington State from another state. Can I transfer my license?

As you prepare for your move, please review the licensing requirements maintained by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH), the licensing authority for social workers at: On this page, DOH lists requirements for social workers licensed in other states seeking licensure in Washington. Specifically, look under the heading: Licensure "Reciprocity Program/Probationary Licensure." DOH outlines the process, including licensure verification, application materials, and more on the same page. DOH also maintains a Frequently Asked Questions list. Access the list here: If you have additional questions specific to the licensing application process, the DOH may be able to assist further at 360-236-4700.

Mailing list

Can I purchase a mailing list?

Chapters moved to another method of email list rental through our national office. NASW now uses a company for list rental for research surveys or marketing, by direct mail or email, to selected NASW members. NASW reviews and approves the content of research surveys and/or direct marketing to ensure the content meets standards and is of use and interest to our social work members. Researchers may contact our list rental partner, InFocus Marketing at Researchers will be asked to provide IRB documentation before their list request is approved. NASW’s internal IRB review process for practice research surveys may take up to 30 days. All research invitations that are disseminated to NASW members, whether on a chapter or national level, must be approved by the NASW Institutional Review Board (IRB). Please contact for information.

Continuing Education

Can CE presenters get credit for a course they present multiple times (quarterly, monthly, etc)?

No, a CE presenter can only get credit for a particular workshop once. That would fall under sub section 5 in the continuing education rule: Other learning experience, such as serving on a panel, board or council, community service, research, peer consultation, or publishing articles for professional publications are acceptable but are limited to six hours per reporting period.

What are the continuing education requirements for Washington social workers?

If you are licensed in Washington, the Department of Heatlh requires continuing education for social workers. A complete list of continuing education requirements for LSWAIC, LSWAA, LASW, and LICSW licensees is listed here: NASW-WA offers workshops that meet Washington's requirements for social workers. For a list of upcoming workshops (virtual and in-person), visit: For on-demand continuing education workshops, visit our NASW's Social Work Online CE Institute at:

Can NASW-WA approve our continuing education workshop for ce credit?

Yes. The Washington Chapter can approve continuing education in Washington. For more information and pricing, go to: For information about our national Continuing Education Approval, visit: WAC 246-809-620 outlines that recognized organizations or institutions include, but aren't limited to, the National Association of Social Workers and the Washington Chapter.